Gpl License

Gpl License

GNU General Public License (GPL) Explained

Last Updated: Dec 2023

Welcome to! This document aims to provide an overview of the GNU General Public License (GPL) as it applies to the use of our products, including themes, plugins, and any other software distributed under the GPL license.

1. What is the GNU General Public License (GPL)?

The GPL is a widely used open-source software license that grants users the freedom to use, modify, and distribute the software. It is designed to ensure that software remains free and open for users to inspect, modify, and share.

2. GPL and Products

Many products available on are distributed under the terms of the GPL. This includes themes, plugins, and other software items. The GPL allows you to use, modify, and distribute these products in accordance with its terms.

3. Freedom to Use

Under the GPL, you have the freedom to use the software for any purpose without any restrictions. Whether it's a theme, plugin, or any other software obtained from, you are free to use it as you see fit.

4. Freedom to Modify

One of the key principles of the GPL is the freedom to modify the software's source code. This means you can adapt the products obtained from to better suit your needs or fix any issues you encounter.

5. Freedom to Distribute

The GPL also allows you to distribute the software, either in its original or modified form. If you decide to share a modified version of a theme or plugin, you must also make the modified source code available under the GPL.

6. Copyleft and Share Alike

The GPL is a copyleft license, which means that any derivative works you create must also be licensed under the GPL. This ensures that the freedoms granted by the GPL are passed on to all subsequent users.

7. GPL Compliance is committed to GPL compliance. All products distributed under the GPL include the full text of the license, and the corresponding source code is made available upon request. We encourage users to adhere to the GPL when distributing or modifying our products.

8. Exceptions and Third-Party Components

While many products on are released under the GPL, it's important to note that themes or plugins may include third-party components with different licenses. In such cases, the GPL applies to the overall work, but additional terms of those components may also be relevant.

9. Support and Updates

When you purchase a product from, you are entitled to support and updates as specified in the product's documentation. The GPL does not affect these terms, which are separate agreements related to the services provided.

10. Conclusion

By using and obtaining products from, you acknowledge and agree to the terms of the GPL as outlined in this document. The GPL is a powerful instrument for fostering collaboration, innovation, and the continued availability of open-source software.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the GPL or our products, please contact us at [email protected].

Thank you for choosing, and we hope you enjoy the freedom and flexibility that the GPL provides!

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